Sharadchandra Pawar College of Pharmacy

Shri Gajanan Maharaj Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's

Sharadchandra Pawar College of Pharmacy

शरदचंद्र पवार औषधनिर्माणशास्त्र महाविद्यालय

Accredited by NAAC, 2(f)/12B Recognition by UGC Approved by A. I. C. T. E. Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University and Pharmacy Council of India, New Delhi

Otur. Nagar-Kalyan Highway. Junnar. Pune

Perspective Plan

Introduction :

Shri Gajanan Maharaj Shikshan Prasark Mandal’s Sharadchandra Pawar College of Pharmacy, Otur Pune was established in the year of 2004 with an Aim of the institution is to foster the pharmacy education in the rural area supporting the healthcare system by blooming competent and budding pharmacists. It is important to prepare solid plan to recognize the thirsty areas of pharmaceutical field to shape our students in according to the requirement of the pharmaceutical industry and to keep them at the frontier of technical innovation in the pharmaceutical industry

Objective :

  • To promote the innovation in the profession of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences by young pharmacist by using imagination and creativity, with a view of securing through innovation having positive impact o community.

  • To the health and welfare of citizen of nation and world by preparing outstanding pharmacist and scientist.

  • To strive to improve the quality of the life of citizen.

  • To provide advanced pharmaceutical knowledge to the budding pharmacist.

  • To faster learning center with research oriented educational environment.

Vision :

To develop a center for academic excellence and get recognized globally in the field of value-added based pharmaceutical education building competent pharmacist imparting quality pharmacy education to them.

Mission :

To ensure achieving of the potential and growing needs of higher technical education, inspiring pharmacy students from both rural and urban areas with updated technologies, methodologies, well acquainted knowledge and training skill-sets, serving needs of pharmacy discipline and society in future.

Accrediation Exercise :

In the present era quality has become an element of prime importance in the field of higher education. The quality in higher education can be achieved by comprising internal and external quality evaluation. The Quality can be achieved by clear vision and defined target based on Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Challenges. The accreditation process helps the higher educational institute to work continuously for the improvement of quality of education by facing the challenges to achieve the goals. Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) works for setting and assessments of the quality targets. To achieve these targets different activities and decisions taken will be assessed and granted by IQAC.

01. Academic Plan : Robust Teaching and Learning Process :

In higher education teaching and learning has preliminary importance. The teaching and learning process enables the institute to shape up and developed versatile technocrats with a competent caliber which is an aim of our institute. To achieve the fourth coming challenges in this globalization era, innovative technology and global regulatory aspects. It is need in deed to make the educational system robust enough. To achieve this target we are continuously implementing innovative practices organized methods for improvement and result oriented teaching and learning process.

We have plan to involve our stakeholders like, students, parents, alumina, industry by solid feedback practice. We have an agenda to explore the students to industrial practices by industrial visits, lectures by industry experts and alumini from various areas like, QA, IPR, Marketing, carrier guidance etc. We also look for active involvement of students and staff in co curricular development by participating at various research activities, workshop, seminars, Model making competition, poster presentation, national level quiz competition, etc.The institute has road map for continuous development of the students by counseling them regarding their professional and personal problem and achieves their goals through effective mentoring system. Institute also plans to adopt ERP software for a smooth journey in this direction.

In SPCOP according to student’s requirements we provide a facility of remedial classes for slow learner along with class test, assignments, solving question paper, providing question bank. We also look forward to enrolled our students in parallel coerces like pharmacovigilance, Hands on training, industrial training, soft skill development by making MOUs with research center, industry, academic institute and hospital.

02. Research Efforts :

The institute always had a policy to support their faculty members to pursue Ph.D. and encourage them to upgrade their curriculum level by organizing and attending hands on training program, conferences and workshop and publish research articles in peer reviewed / UGC care listed journals. The institute is planning to publish own research journal in future. The institute will encourage faculty members to identify the research potential, to promote the research activity and to apply the research funding proposals.

The institute will make continuous efforts to gain research funds from agencies such as UGC, AICTE, BCUD SPPU, Pune, etc.

The college will continue to organize the workshops / seminars / model expo to inculcate research attitude and implementation of innovative ideas

within faculty and students. Institute will imbibe research attitudes within our students through carrying mini research projects.

The Institute will encourage its students to participate in poster presentation, national level quiz competition. By organizing the model making competition we will try to explore the students to implement innovative ideas in pharmaceutical technology. Institute will make an availability of infrastructural requirements like, instruments, laboratories, ICT facility, Library, K-HUB and other requirements, as per needs for carrying out research activity will be provided.

The institute will have a policy to appreciate and to recognize the teacherson successful completion of research projects, research degree programmes and research publications. The institute will continue to appreciate and to recognize the students who achieve meritorious places at university level and competitive examinations.

The institute will continue to depute the teachers for research seminars / workshops and training programs, faculty development program. The institute will financially support to the faculty to attained seminars, workshops training program and conferences. The institute will be always involved in continuous efforts to promote research association to explore students and faculty by making MOUs with research centers, industries and institutes.

The institute will build a strong rapport with pharmaceutical industry and academic institution to bridge the gap between industry-institute and institute-institute to carry out collaborative projects.

3. Infrastructral Plan :

The college is housed in a spacious building of about 70,000 sq. feet constructed area amongst the lush green in the beauty of Sahyadri hill ranges and quiet surrounding equidistant to remote localities of Pune, Mumbai, Ahmednagar and Nashik. We have plan to increase utility area by introducing more number of laboratories, animal house facility, library area, etc. The institute has a plan to add auditorium facility with required aid for upliftment of co curricular activities. The institute will always look for easiness of the physically challenged candidates by making required infrastructural facilities available like, construction of ramp, procurement of wheelchair for the free movement. In order to strengthen the green campus the institute has plan to step ahead for alternative source of energy to fulfill the part of electricity requirement through solar energy production and installing energy efficient LED lamps in the premises.

The institute looks forward for AV- Fitted digital classroom, 24 Hrs Wi-Fi, Computer Facilities, informative and decorative corridor and Environment friendly campus. The library houses over more than 7000 books from different subject like, Pharmaceutical sciences from chemistry, pharmacology, pharmacognosy, formulations and development, pharmaceutical engineering, phytochemistry, biotechnology, biochemistry, industrial pharmacy, biostatistics and rare books, Library modernized with diverse national and international journals subscription, e- books, CD’s, K-HUB digital library and national digital library.

The institute also looks ahead for the digitalization of the library by introduction of software for library management and subscription of various scientific databases. The institute has a plan to strive to develop a medicinal plant garden with adequate number of medicinal plants to make the students aware about actual medicinal plants. The institute will take care for the safety of its stakeholders by installation of appropriate fire extinguisher of A B C class and adopting various safety aids while working in the laboratory.

To adopt a hussal free working in academic and administrative areas installation of ERP software is an ongoing process. To bring the robustness in the safety and vigilance the institute is considering for installation of CCTV camera in the premises.

04. Faculty Development / Welfare :

Upliftment of the faculty will be the priority of the institute. The faculty will be provided with the facilities like, EPF, exposure to professional and technical development through workshops, seminars, conferences and training programs. Encouragement for delivering a lecture as a resource person apart from this exposure to personality development program Yoga, workshops, medical checkup will be given also will be supported to strive for the higher education and to improve their curricular vitae.

Appreciation of the faculty for their involvement in research activities and achievements within will be a next step which will be taken by the institute. Awareness regarding the social needs and responsibility will be an extensive activity run by institute for the faculty.

05. Governace :

Administration plays an important role for the smooth and effective functioning of any educational institute. The office and accounting procedures are to be computerized for the overall usefulness of the administration. For smoother working procedure an increase in support staff is recommended. The institute is planning to introduce ERP for the e- governance a reality. The staff is authorized to work individually through decentralization of responsibility.

06. Fianance :

It will be our responsibility to undertake budgeting implementation in more effective manner and ensure the finest consumption of the allocated budget. All the different expenses are done the under the various provisions and which will be clearly reflected in annual budget like, budget for library, budget for chemicals, glassware, equipment’s and as requirement for the research fund will be provided.

07. Student Welfare :

A Collective approach for developing all round personality of the students the institute started yearly magazine PHARMA DARPAN as an effort to reach students, parents and impart them for the current happening, achievements and upcoming programs in the institute. To generate the skilled and technical manpower not only having caliber but also with integrity through mentoring, create social awareness creating more opportunities to participate in extra and co-curricular activities. Students counseling fulfill student needs.

The institute will organize guest lectures for skill development, career guidance, women empowerment; celebrate various days, life skills and sensitizing for social needs. The institute training and placement cell has been actively contributing for the career guidance and advancement of technical skills. The institute proposes to strengthen the training and placement cell.

08. Social Responsibility :

The institute planning to implement various green initiatives like, rainwater harvesting, plastic and e- waste collection. The social awareness programs such as gender sensitization, anti-ragging, women grievance redressal, visit to orphanage, notebook distribution, awareness program for tribal people regarding how to use medicine, AIDS awareness rally, road safety abhiyan, tobaco day, eye chekup camp like various programs as society initiatives. The students and staff are sensitized and involved in social needs such as blood donation and health checkup camp.

Academic Plan :

  • To provide quality education to the budding pharmacist by teaching learning process

  • Students will be trained in healthcare services by engage in educational & mentoring activities (i.e., provide continuing education, research)

  • To promote the pharmaceutical skill, knowledge among the students

  • Student centered learning strategies

  • Experimental Focus through hands on training

  • Remote access of the e-library to the staff and students

  • To organize guest lectures by Industry, Academic and motivational speakers

  • Result analysis and Corrective actions

  • To organize orientation program for faculty

  • Good Attendance and Continuous Assessment of the students

  • Implementation feedback mechanism corrective actions

  • Implementing new and interested pedagogy

Research and Innovation :

Social Responsibilities and Social Services :

  • To provide public health services in the north Pune district region

  • To create awareness for use of medicine

  • To provide the medicine / diseases related information to the public

  • To conduct programs for the community services

  • To promote students for participation in various competitions for development of confidence, improvise learning ability; create interest in team work, defense and answering skills, sharing knowledge.

  • College will be provided the incentive in the form of certificate and prizes to the winner team.

Strengthen the Skills in pharmacy educations :

  • Continuously updating teaching Aids, live recording of lectures update on social media

  • Continuously updating teaching Aids, live recording of lectures update on social media

  • To improve vocabulary, E- Mail writing, interview skills and personality development by arranging experts lecture.

  • To provide advanced pharmaceutical knowledge to the budding pharmacist.

  • To arrange professional skill development programs for promoting teaching and non-teaching staff

  • Participate in career fairs to strengthen the training and placement cell

  • To promote students for participation in various competitions for development of confidence, improvise learning ability; create interest in team work, defense and answering skills, sharing knowledge.

  • College will be provided the incentive in the form of certificate and prizes to the winner team.

Plan for Training and Placement Cell (Industry Institute Interaction) :

Plan for Finance and Infrastructure :