Sharadchandra Pawar College of Pharmacy

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Sharadchandra Pawar College of Pharmacy

शरदचंद्र पवार औषधनिर्माणशास्त्र महाविद्यालय

Accredited by NAAC, 2(f)/12B Recognition by UGC Approved by A. I. C. T. E. Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University and Pharmacy Council of India, New Delhi

Otur. Nagar-Kalyan Highway. Junnar. Pune


IQAC makes it a tradition to mandatorily collect feedback from stakeholders- students, teachers, alumni and employers. This is done by the feedback committee. It collects and analyse the feedbacks from different stakeholders and submit action taken report to the appropriate bodies.

Objective :

The objective of this exercise is to gauge the impact of all the efforts of the institution on the various stakeholders. The institution intends to enhance its benefits to reach all the stakeholders. This feedback is collected and analyzed through statistical tools. Based on the opinions of the stakeholders, further action is taken by the feedback committee.

Methodology :

  • The Feedback on curriculum and institute is collected from students by creating Microsoft Forms on Microsoft team . It is collected by the IQAC and will be submitted to feedback committee to deliberate on various suggestions made by the stake holders

  • The feedback committee holds meeting at the end of the academic year to discuss on the various suggestions and prepare action taken report

Committee composition:

No. Name Status
Dr. Dama G. Y. (Principal)
Dr. Joshi S. A.
Mrs. Bidkar S. J.
Ms. Gawade A. S

Feedback Forms:

Analysis 2020-2021 :

The data of excel sheet and analyzed through statistical tools. It is given for deliberation to the head of the institution.

General Action Plan after data collection and analysis :

  • Based on the Annual Feedback Action Taken Report plans for the next academic year will be prepared in the faculty meeting.

  • Department level meetings are also held to execute and implement the action plan.

Feedback was requested from following stakeholders :

No. Stakeholder Count

Report of the action taken :

Recommendation given by the Students Action Taken
Students requested for conduction practicals virtually
Faculty created videos of all practical’s as per syllabus then uploaded on self you tube channels and provide you tube link to students through whatsapp group
Students demands for soft copy of books and notes
All staff uploaded soft copy of notes and books in pdf format on Microsoft team
Recommendation given by the Teachers Action Taken
Faculty suggested Microsoft team app for online lectures instead of zoom app
As per faculty suggestion college provide access of Microsoft team for online lectures
Recommendation given by the Alumni Action Taken
Syllabus should be updated periodically to keep the students abreast with the latest trends in the industry
IQAC and TP cell of college decided to add more certificate courses to all students which were future of industry
Recommendation given by the Employer Action Taken
Improvements required in terms of soft skill, communication & interview skills
As per suggestion twelve days online training program on Microsoft team was organized on the topic of “ SOFT SKILL DEVELOPMENT, COMMUNICATION AND INTERVIEW SKILLS” for T.Y.B.Pharm. on dated 6th to 20th January 2021.