Grievance related to women are addressed by a women development cell. It is an active committee comprising of staff members & students of college to prevent sexual harassment, promote well being of all the female students & staff member and create a gender sensitized community within campus as well as in the society. College has formed an internal complaints committee (Sexual harassment of women at work places prevention prohibition & redressal act 2013.)

The composition is as given below

Sr No Name of Member Designation
1 Chairman (Principal) Dr.Dama G.Y. 9860971334
2 Secretary Mrs. Bidkar S.J. 9922417765
3 Member Mrs. Gaikwad A.V. 8975161414
4 Member Mrs. Chiwad shetti N.S. 9112830566
5 Member Mrs. Ghangale G. 7588031568
6 Non-Teaching Representative Mrs.Dumbre A.M. 9881713247
7 Non-Teaching Representative Mrs. DhomseS. B. 9766491305
8 Students Representative Miss. Chordiya D.S. 9011451354
9 Office Superintendent Mr. Paliwal S.B. 8208814545
10 NGO (Doctor) Mrs. Phalke Savita Rajendra 9527507763

Women development cell of SPCOP was established to create social awareness about the problems of women and in particular regarding gender discrimination cell develop the self confidence of women as well as girls. It guide women about Women Welfare Laws, highlight the importance of health and hygiene. Committee direct women’s role in the society, develop multidisciplinary approach for the overall personality development.
Committee has been established to organize seminar, workshops relating to women development. It has been organized to prevent sexual harassment & to promote general well being of female students teaching &non teaching women staff of the college.