Dr. G.Y.Dama,
Principal, Sharadchndra Pawar College of Pharmacy, Dumbarwadi (Otur), Pune

World has become a small village as we can communicate with each other in fraction of second. This is the new era for communication, new era for a change. In this new world there only thing which is stable & that is change.

There is a tough competition in every field & to go with this competition we need to be as tough as this competition. We at Sharadchandra Pawar College of Pharmacy & Sharadchandra Pawar Institute of Pharmacy, Otur are doing our best to keep of us fit & tough for this challenging competition. These efforts are our contribution for the society. As we know we all live in a society & it’s our duty to keep it healthy & fit to surive. SPCOP & SPIOP has a strong faith that quality of pharma education can make a difference.

We at SPCOP & SPIOP are providing every facility to make a student a proficient pharmacist. We are deeply concerned with theory based & practical based education. Our aim here is to make them a leader in every field.

Our results prove that we are marching to the right direction. Our excellent results in academic, research & extra curricular activities are making us proud. We are confident that our students will right a new history in the field of Pharmacy. I wish them all the success.