Words from Principal


principalWorld has become a small village as we can communicate with each other in a fraction of second. This is the new era for technology, new era for communication, new era for a change. In this new world there only one thing which is stable and that is change.

There is a tough competition in every field and to go with this competition we need to be as tough as this competition. We at Sharadchandra Pawar College of Pharmacy and Sharadchandra Pawar Institute of Pharmacy, Otur are doing our best to keep all of us fit and tough for this challenging competition. These efforts are our contribution for the society. As we know we all live in a society and its our duty to keep it healthy and fit to survive. SPCOP and SPIOP has a strong belief a strong faith that quality of pharma education can make a difference.

We at SPCOP and SPIOP are providing every facility to make a student a proficient pharmacist. We are deeply concerned with theory based and practical based education. Our aim here is to make them a leader in every field.
Our results prove that we are marching to the right direction. Our excellent results in academic, research and extra curricular activities are making us proud. We are confident that our students will right a new history in the field of pharmacy.
I wish them all the success.

Dr. G. Y. Dama
Sharadchandra Pawar
College of Pharmacy