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Pharmaceutics laboratories developed with advanced machine room and aseptic preparation room with highly sophisticated instruments and equipments like tablet manufacturing machine, pan coating, ball mill, capsule filling machine, ampule filling machine, ointment filling machine,
Brookfield viscometer, ostwold viscometer, single stage dissolution test apparatus, hardness tester, friability tester, colony counter, laminar air flow, HEPA filter and autoclave etc. Which are used for formulation and development of different Pharmaceutical dosage forms like tablet, capsules, syrup, solution, suspension, emulsion, eye, nose and ear drops, ointments etc.
And their characterization in Biotechnological, Pharmaceutical, Microbiological, Analytical aspects.

Pharmaceutical Analysis

Pharmaceutical analysis laboratories are equipped with highly sophisticated instruments like FTIR, HPLC, single beam and double beam UV- Spectrophotometer, Flame photometer etc. which is used for doing high level research activity and industry based research.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Pharmaceutical chemistry laboratories are timely updated with sophisticated instruments and assembly required for synthesis of organic compounds and for their characterization. Assemblies like steam distillation, fractional distillation, dean-stark assembly, high vacuum distillation apparatus, slab-gel electrophoresis, digital M.P. apparatus, I.R. lamp, Keep’s apparatus etc. are used for synthesis of organic compounds and characterization.


The department of Pharmacology is having various sophisticated instruments like Actophotometer, Radiant Heat Analgesiometer, Plethysmometer, Electro-Convulsometer, Pole-Climbing apparatus, ECG, Y-Maze Apparatus, Digital students organ bath, Autoanalyzer etc. and a well constructed animal house.


The college has given a lot of emphasis on developing spacious medicinal garden and modern pharmacognosy laboratories which are equipped with hot air oven, incubator, muffle furnace, UV cabinet, microscope, centrifuge and high quality mixer which are helpful for students to apply their theoretical knowledge into practices, in area of plant origin drug, research, their chemical constituents, adulteration and standardization of crude drugs.

Research Laboratories

The college has all kinds of modern and ultra modern instruments and machineries required for performing several research works. The total cost of the equipment is more than 1 crore and college spends 30% amount of the total budget for purchasing & maintenance of the equipments annually.

Pharmaceutics Research laboratory

Pharmaceutics research laboratory are developed with highly sophisticated instruments and equipments like multistage tablet manufacturing machine, pan coater with spray nozzle, Brookfield viscometer, digital six station dissolution test apparatus, Pfizer hardness tester. These instruments are utilized for the manufacture of various dosage forms and carrying their characterization.

Pharmacognosy Research laboratory

Pharmacognosy research laboratory is having modern equipments like digital muffle furnace, UV Cabinet, binocular microscope, electric microscope, ultra centrifuge and high quality mixer for study and identification of plant origin drug, their chemical constituents, adulteration and standardization of crude drugs and the main research emphasis of this laboratory is formulation and development of herbal research product which have more therapeutic value and less toxic effects.